GSoC 2016

I got selected for GSoC 2016!! Yayyy!!

I can’t express in words what it felt like when I clicked that ‘refresh’ button at 12:32am, 23 April, and saw my name right there, on the screen, among the accepted projects for Systers. I nearly jumped on my room-mate. Yeah, I’d worked hard for this. And I am so happy to be selected. Ever since I was introduced to the world of open source, I’ve been fascinated. So obviously I’m happy to get this opportunity to make a big contribution on such a project.

The project is basically on the Systers Portal. It will be written in python, using the Django framework. I’ll be completing the Meetup app, and add a Notifications app to the Portal. The Meetup app had been started during gsoc last year, but has some work to be done to make it complete. The community bonding period has already started, and I’ve begun interacting with my mentors. Coding period starts from 23 May.


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