The Systers Experience

This post was looong overdue. GSoC 2016 ended more than a week ago, but my journey into open source has only just started. The summary of my project can be found here. My only experience with Django prior to this project was as a part of a team of 3-4 students who made a website […]

GSoC 2016

I got selected for GSoC 2016!! Yayyy!! I can’t express in words what it felt like when I clicked that ‘refresh’ button at 12:32am, 23 April, and saw my name right there, on the screen, among the accepted projects for Systers. I nearly jumped on my room-mate. Yeah, I’d worked hard for this. And I […]

So I finally started a blog of my own! A lot of my friends had blogs in the past, and I’ve decided it’s finally time for me too. This will be mostly about my learning experiences in programming.